50 Most Beautiful Gemstones You’ve Ever Seen

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What would you say when I ask which gemstone is the prettiest? Most will probably say diamond, ruby or sapphire.
But I’m going to show you some of the most beautiful gemstones that you may not know.
This list combines commonly known gems, like opal and amethyst, with some rare and exotic minerals. They represent some of nature’s best creations, and will definitely make you go WOW!
Wulfenite & Mimetite
Vibrant golden yellow wulfenite crystals growing with mimetite.
Naturally formed silver “tree”
Iris Agate
Tourmaline with Lepidolite
This piece is appropriately named “The Helix”.
Hessonite Garnet
Ammonite is a rare fossil shell that shows rainbow color iridescent reflection.
Chrysocolla is a blue-green mineral, often found with other copper-rich minerals such as malachite and azurite. And this beautiful piece shows a combination of chrysocolla and malachite.
Red Beryl
Red beryl is one of the rarest gems in the world, much rarer than its mineral family members, emerald and aquamarine. A red beryl gem can cost $10,000 per carat!
Limonite after Marcasite
Purple Fluorite with Calcite
Chrome Tourmaline (Dravite)
Ruby Zoisite
Euclase on Calcite
Rainbow Obsidian
Obsidian is actually a volcanic glass, forming when lava cools quickly. The stone color is black and it has colorful reflections.
Rainbow obsidian and golden obsidian are very desirable as they produce a rainbow-colored and gold-colored sheen respectively, caused by microscopic inclusions of crystals, gas or debris.

Want your own genuine gemstones?

Dumortierite in Quartz
Welo Opal
Rainbow. Color. Opal. It’s like a universe inside!
Rainbow Fluorite
Fluorite is a colorful gemstone. And multi-color fluorite like this has always been a collector’s favorite.
While a fluorite specimen like this is very expensive, a colorful natural fluorite bracelet is affordable.
Unknown Source
The fibrous swirls of blue and orange are some of the most beautiful artworks from nature. The effect you see in pietersite is known as chatoyance, which also happens in gems like tiger’s eye.
Quartz with Hematite, Papagoite, Ajoite and Kaolinite
Unknown Source
White lightning trapped inside gemstone ⚡⚡⚡
A wave perfectly kept in time, just in the form of mineral!
Dendritic Agate
Unknown Source
Also known as landscape agate, the tree-/fern-like structure is caused by iron oxide and other materials. Very intriguing and inspiring gemstone.
Fluorite with Schorl
Little needles of schorl (a type of tourmaline) inside the purple fluorite.
Amethyst Scepter
Amethyst is one of the classic gemstones. And this scepter amethyst is breathtakingly beautiful.
Petrified Wood
When minerals replace the structure of wood over millions of years, a piece of petrified wood is born. A petrified wood bracelet is a great way to wear this beautiful gem.
Opal with an “Ocean” Inside
Watermelon Tourmaline
Unknown Source
Layers of red and green resemble the colors of watermelon. Hence the name, watermelon tourmaline.
Iridescent Ammonite Shell
Ammolite, which is made from the ammonite shell, is growing in popularity in the gemstone market.
🎨 Charoite is like silver paint strokes on a purple canvas.
Rainbow Opal
Unknown Source
The colors of opal sparkle and shine like no other gem.
Golden Rutilated Quartz
Not only are the needle-like rutiles thin and delicate, they are in this rare star-shape arrangement!
Multicolor Labradorite
Unknown Source
This effect of iridescent color-play is called a ‘schiller’ effect. The range of color labradorite can display is truly amazing.
Blue Azurite Flower
New Valentine’s Day gift idea?
Faceted Ametrine
Half Amethyst + Half Citrine = Ametrine
Blue Green Tourmaline
Crazy Lace Agate
Unknown Source
Gold Fan-Shaped Cacoxenite

There you have it! The world of gemstone is vast and beautiful. Hope you like the selection. If you see any of your favorites, feel free to leave a comment to let me know! 🙂

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